You say 'potatoe', I say 'potato.'

January 13, 2020

You say ‘potatoe’, I say ‘potato.’

They say ‘expensive,’ I say 'affordable luxury.’


Okay, what’s this all about? I am feeling a little frustrated. Mostly with myself, because I’m primarily responsible for the branding of K. Renee and sharing the intrinsic value we can bring to past, present, and future clients. I clearly haven’t done a great job.

And for that, I am sorry.

Why do I say that? One of the things that I frequently hear (especially from people I’ve met that haven’t had a chance to visit our boutiques) is that we are “too expensive.”  And that is the primary reason he or she doesn’t come in (to check things out themselves.)  
In many ways, I get it.  We are not the lowest cost furnishing store in town.  And, really, I am more than okay with that. I am actually proud of this fact (I will tell you why in a bit.) 
Our goal is not to offer you inexpensive solutions for your home or wardrobe but inspiring ones that provide great value in your life. Our desire is to provide you with the ‘best of the best’ where value, quality, comfort all collide uniquely and beautifully.


Perhaps it’s the word “expensive” that I really struggling to overcome. The term is generally not a positive one. By definition, it means commanding a high price and especially one not based on its intrinsic value.   
And that breaks my heart because I believe what we do provides extraordinary value to each and every client we serve.
Guys, I know that you can go to an unnamed big-box furniture store in town and purchase a 5-piece set that retails for $1900 and is always on sale for $999.       
Or a party dress at T.J. Maxx for $40.   
And you know what? If that is the most you want to invest and it really inspires you - that is a-okay!  
We have all done it, whether that be our first home or apartment. Or when we start our careers and don’t have a great deal of disposable income to build a wardrobe. And you know what? These options got us by until we could invest in things of better quality. That’s the goal, right? At least it was mine.  
So, are we expensive? No. We aren’t. Our products are certainly not cheap. Not going to argue that point at all. Are we known for discounts and sales? No, we are not.   

We are known for the above, and beyond service we provide and the beautifully curated selection of quality home furnishings, accessories, and women’s clothing. And for that, I am very proud.

Yet, there are things in the world that I personally do consider expensive. Things like $15k handbags...

To me, that is expensive.  Why?  Because for that same investment, I could fully furnish a luxury bedroom complete with bed, bedding, pillows, dresser, rug, bench, and more.  I simply feel like I would get more value from an inspiring bedroom.

Or how about a designer chair that retails at $33,500? One chair. Crazy, right?   
But if having this chair means something amazing to a person emotionally.  Great. Go for it.     

But for  that same value, K. Renee could fully furnish a couple of rooms in a home complete with unique, affordable luxury items...furnishings, art, accessories, rugs, pillows, tables, chairs, and so much more.

Delivered, installed, and styled by our team. Our clients don’t have to lift a finger.

Yes, K. Renee brings to Des Moines what I believe is affordable luxury.  Everything we offer has a feel that you are seeing the best of the best, something curated, new, and interesting. We absolutely want to standing out from the crowd with the intrinsic value of the items we carry, but mostly with the service our stylists provide.   


Another reason that I think we might get the reputation of being ‘too expensive’ is that the majority of our clients choose not to buy a single piece of furniture but a full room of furnishings and accessories instead.   This allows our clients to achieve an updated inspired look and to get it completed over-the-span of a few weeks instead of a few years. Without the fuss, the mistakes, and frustration.  

And with the important added value of being able to fully enjoy their home in the moment and not someday in the future.  

I like to call this an investment. Imagine being able to stop the aggravation of spending months and sometimes years trying to complete the vision for a room. And not having to deal with the purchasing mistakes (too big, too small, too hard, too soft, wrong color, not what you thought it would look like) that tend to happen when we purchase items one at a time.   

It’s why we offer a 12- month interest-free finance product that allows our clients to complete an entire room (beautifully done and just right for you) all at once instead of doing a little bit here and a little bit there.  

So, what is really expensive, in my opinion?

Not having a home that provides you with intense joy, comfort, and beauty. Our homes have been proven to contribute to our emotional well-being, self-esteem, and confidence in moving forward in our lives.

And, hands down, that is why our clients have chosen to partner with our style team and decide to make an investment in the affordable luxury and services that we offer at K. Renee.  

If we've already provided you with the 'K. Renee experience', I hope that the next time you hear the phrase “too expensive,” you encourage others to stop by and visit us to see what we are really about. It doesn’t cost a thing to look, talk, and explore.   

Thanks for listening.  Have a fabulous week.