Winning The War On Pillows

July 20, 2020

Let's do a little pillow talk today.

We are always touting that throw pillows are the easiest and least expensive way to breathe new life into your home's rooms.   And they are!!!! 

But let's face it, some of you have a love/hate relationship with throw pillows (especially the gentlemen in our lives.)  What is the most significant frustration that pillow haters have? The idea that pillows can't be used...that their function is pure decoration.  

One gentleman in our showroom said, "why would I put something on my couch that I am not supposed to lay on and use? Makes no sense to me."    Hmmm.   I agree.




Comfort tends to be the most important thing for gentlemen. They need throw pillows to be cozy enough to rest their head, feet, or arms. Prop up their laptops, books, and papers. And be able to share with kids and family pets!

In other words, pillows need to be usable.You might actually be surprised at how many really uncomfortable pillows are out there across all the beds and couches in the world.    



Prickly pillows or ones filled with synthetic fibers that make comfort nearly impossible. Or how about those small painful pillows with tassels, bulky trim or beading? Unless you are purchasing a lumbar pillow (12" by 20"), pillows less than 20" by 20" are relatively useless as a throw pillow. 

Yes, I know you can find some great bargains in pillows out there at your local discount shops, but these options give pillow haters all the ammunition they need to create a winning argument for not having any at all. We don't want that!  



We must face the fact that no pillows on your bed, chairs or couches are not an option. We have all walked into a home where the argument for 'no pillows' has been won. And how did that space feel? Most likely, it felt empty, basic, and not very cozy or comfortable. And it certainly didn't feel well-styled.   



Here is how you win the decorative pillow argument with the pillow haters in your life.


Comfort Counts

You want your pillows to look great and be comfortable. Yes, color, shape, and size matter, but nothing is more important than comfort when dealing with pillow haters.  Like the fill in your sofa, what is inside your throw pillows is as essential as the outside. A pillow's purpose is to not only bring texture and great style to your rooms but to add a layer of extra comfort to a couch or chair.  

Stop buying pillows with foam or synthetic fiber inserts!  The inside of your pillows should include a blend of down and feathers. I promise they will easily allow your entire family to curl up and take a nap...comfortably!


We're obviously partial to our own down and feather blended inserts!


Odds or Evens?

We generally prefer arranging our throw pillows on a sofa or a bed with odd numbers. It tends to look more modern.   Think in terms of three (for the minimalist) and five (for when you have won the pillow debate.) In design aesthetics, odd numbers tend to look more artistic.  


If you are more of a traditionalist and like a more balanced look, even numbers might be for you. Pairs of two or four can give you that clean and orderly look.  


Pillows Don't All Have to Match



The first thing to remember is that your pillows don't have to match. In fact, you can achieve a more stylish look if they don't. The key is to create a balance between textures, colors, and patterns. When mixing patterns, it is often simpler to choose a dominant pattern first, followed by a complimentary smaller scale pattern or print. Your third pillow might be a solid color in a bold print or an interesting texture.  


It is fun to use a pillow as an Exclamation Point!



A bold solid pillow in a vibrant color can act like an exclamation point on your sofa. While it might seem boring when there are so many great patterns to choose from, in the right place, a bold color can really help you establish a color palette that you may have been trying to work into your decor.  


Why ruin a good pillow with a bad chop?


While an excellent way to get some aggression out on an unsuspecting pillow as you descend on it with a slice of your strikes me as one of those things that makes a home uninviting and overdone.  A pillow is meant to be fluffed and inviting not smushed into half lengthwise so it looks like the ears of a nervous dog.   



This is a trend from the '80s that has overstayed its welcome and certainly doesn't help your argument with pillow haters worldwide.  Instead, fluff them up and let them be. Your home will look cozier and more comfortable because of it!


No throw pillows in a home designed to be cozy, comfortable, and beautiful are not an option! I promise we can help you win the war of pillows if you need some help in your own home. We have made believers out of more folks than I can count.



Have a wonderful week!