Will It Be Done By Monday?

October 2, 2017

It couldn’t have been crazier last week at K. Renee.     But that’s the way we like it.



Besides the three day Lafayette 148 and Leo & Sage event, the home store was jam-packed with home transformations.    And there is nothing better than great before and after stories, right?   So that is what I am going to share with you today.


One transformation in particular stood out.     Our styling team, led by Stacie Schulz and Lisa Wood, had an important meeting on Tuesday afternoon with a couple that had downsized to a wonderfully modern ranch in Clive.  


They had moved the previous year from a sprawling ranch with very traditional bones into a smaller but really lovely new construction.     They moved in and tried to make due with the furniture from their previous home but the furnishings just didn’t fit the look and feel of their new home.   

Before Great Room 

It’s hard, I know, to leave behind furnishings that are perfectly usuable and especially things that you invested in and that you had once been happy having in another home.   But this couple came to the conclusion it just wasn't right and they wanted (and needed) something different to feel great in their new home. 


Stacie and Lisa visited the home of our clients on the 15th of September where they took pictures, measured, and talk about what our clients wanted for their new home.  Entertaining their friends and having a cozy, comfortable space was on the top of their list.   

The bones of the new home are transitional to the modern side and the furniture that they tried to make due with just didn’t enhance it. 

 Before Entry

Our clients had a vacation planned and gave our stylists a challenge of coming up with a plan for them that they would love on Tuesday, September 25th.   

Challenge accepted.  

There was another challenge our team faced.   Our clients had asked another design firm to come up with ideas and a plan. They would choose the team that created the most comprehensive and inspiring plan.   

 If the formula for styling a beautiful space was easy, we would all download it and just do it ourselves, wouldn’t we?    Our formula is a little different which includes a few special ingredients.

Preparation  + Beautiful products + Action  + a large dose of magic  =  K. Renee  Style

Preparation (is the space planning and understanding needs) + Beautiful products (that are available when you want and need them) + Action (the best installation in town)  + a large dose of magic (that comes from our style team) =  the K. Renee formula for creating a comprehensive and inspiring plan.


Our team went to work. Three different layout options were created.   

 Possible Layouts

Our clients had expressed that they envisioned a sectional for the great room so, of course, that was included in one of the options.   As you can see, the living room furniture was in great shape but just didn’t do the home justice.

Before Great Room
 Before Great Room


Our clients also didn’t care much for the casual dining area and really didn’t ever use it.   They wanted us to come up with something different so they could fall in love with the space.

 Before Breakfast Nook

The entry way (which you saw above) had a heavy piece that felt natural in their old home but looked displaced and bulky.

 When our clients got back to town, Stacie and Lisa were ready to make a very detailed presentation.   It was made clear to us that they really needed to see how the pieces that they would chose would work with each other.  As our clients got to see each and every piece that could go into their home, a unique story began to unfold.   They fell in love with a hide rug that worked beautifully with a large and very comfortable sofa.    

 Hide Rug | K. Renee

They also found  two amazing chairs to coordinate, a grand cocktail table and interesting console that would pull together their great room space. 

For the casual dining area, we decided to reinvent the space so it could be a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee or share a cocktail at the end of the day.

 Over-sized Chair | K. Renee

In our showroom, they found an over-sided chair that suited their traditional style to a T but also worked well with the more transitional look they desired. This chair became our inspiration for this room. They also settled on a beautiful silver sideboard and a large round mirror  for their entry that would welcome guests to their amazing home.     

By the end of Stacie and Lisa’s presentation, the only question that remained was when could we deliver and style their space so it was completely finished.     Stacie flipped open our calendar and easily said “How about Thursday?”     


“What?”, our clients responded.   “You can pull this together that soon? “   "We have company coming.   Will it be done by Monday?"   "Of course", we respond with a resounding “Yes”.   

 You see, we travel into homes with a complete styling team that are on staff and ready to move at a moments notice.   It’s not just a delivery, it’s a total home transformation complete with artwork and mirrors hung, pillows and accessories chosen and placed, lamps and even some fresh flowers.  Down to the smallest detail.


On Thursday (as promised) as our clients hung out in their basement, our styling team got to work and four hours later, this is what they got to see…



Beautiful (if I have to say so myself!)      When our clients left the basement to tour their beautiful new space, we had them walk around to their front door to enter the home as their guests would.  



 Breakfast Nook After | K. Renee


Entry After | K. Renee 


After they had a moment to absorb what was now their new home, Stacie asked “Well, what do you think?”   And the answer was, “Better than I could have ever imagined.”  (That’s the magic - "better than imagined.")    Words that are always music to our ears.  


Ready for your own transformation?   You don’t have to wait.   We have a styling team that likes to work under pressure no matter what is going on! That’s the way we like it!

Have a magical week.   We always do!   And to our clients, happy entertaining tonight!