Where Our 2016 Home Transformation Story Begins...

December 26, 2016
I hope that you had a beautiful weekend gathering with friends and families. But as we know, the holidays can be an especially difficult time for those who have lost an important person in their lives. Really, there is nothing worse than the ache that comes with wishing with all your might that the clock of life can be turned back even just for one more moment with a loved one.

And this is where our 2016 Home Transformation story begins…and it is not an easy one to tell. So, I will start with an excerpt from the nomination letter.

The letter continues with an unimaginable twist of events...

There are no words to describe this loss. The fire also destroyed the contents of their family home of 19 years. Currently, Michelle and her girls are living in a rented townhome while their home is being restored which is expected to be ready for them in January.

I can’t imagine the trepidation of stepping back into a home after such an immense loss let alone think about choosing and replacing their damaged furniture.

After reading this nomination, our team and selection committee couldn’t help but feel that this was the room that we were meant to do this year. We know that furnishing a room in their restored home is nothing more than relieving the family of a simple burden compared to the one they carry. Our hope is that it will give them something else to think about (just for one small moment) than the unthinkable.

While we usually do our room transformation in December, in this special case, we decided that we would install a new room for Michelle and her girls right before they move back in late January. Of course, I will keep you updated as we get to work on this project of light.

I also wanted to share with you a link that would benefit the family if you too are moved by this story. A Go Fund Me memorial page was set up at https://www.gofundme.com/mikenelsonmemorial to help the family with the expenses that they face.  Although none of us can help them deal with the emotional devastation, we can help them with the financial one.  

From what I understand, Mike was one of the most caring men that you would ever hope to meet. I think Michelle also has a wonderfully caring friend in Lisa (who made this nomination.)

Thank you Lisa for giving us the opportunity to share what we do best...bringing the light of style into the homes that we are blessed to be asked to transform.

Well, we have 5 more days in 2016. Make them count!