When Someday Arrives...

June 4, 2017

The word "Someday" refers to an unspecified time in the future.   And it can be a troubling word if we aren't careful...especially when it comes to the meaningful things that we intend to do.   Time might run out and someday may never arrive.



One of my someday's arrived (and is now behind me) and I am thrilled that I finally made it happen.   Yah!  


Last fall, I decided to eliminate the "unspecified time in the future" and contacted a local travel agent (who had come highly recommended) and told them I wanted to go to Italy...and I wanted them to plan it.   The motto of the Kathleen Stahl Travel Agency (www.stahltravel.com) is "Nothing is Impossible!" and they have been pulling together unique niche travel for their clients for over 20 years. 


Now, for those of you who know me...I am a bit of a control freak so this was an act of faith to turn my travel arrangements over to an agency.    But I knew that I would get a more interesting and less stressful travel experience by allowing the experts to take the reins.   (Hmmm, kind of like when our clients release the reigns and let our team transform their home.)


They did not disappoint.     Over 10 days , my daughter, Sydney, and I visited 4 destinations.  The first stop (after a long day of traveling) was Positano.


Stop One:   Positano, Italy

Positano is a charming (understatement) village on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy.   The village fills a steep enclave in the hills with colorful homes, hotels, shops and restaurants.    It was the perfect place to spend the first three days of our trip.




We toasted our arrival with the first of several Bellini's, glasses of wine, and gelato along the way.




Because of our jet lag, we decided to relax at our pool overlooking the coast.   I brought along a book that Kelli thought I would enjoy, Option B.


For so many of us, our Option A - for one reason or the other - disappears and this book is all about facing adversity and finding joy.   


I was certainly finding joy in Positano!














Both the hotel and the village was everything that it promised to be and was the perfect start to a fabulous adventure for my daughter and I.




One of the most charming spots that we found was the bar in our hotel, Covo Dei Saraceni.    All white, view of the ocean and village and it had these amazing pink flowing plants climbing the walls.   It was breathtaking and I will never forget it.




After three days of total relaxation, Sydney and I were excited to move on and see some history.   On our way to Rome, our driver took a slight detour and we stopped in Pompeii for a 3-hour guided tour through this fascinating ancient city.




Pompeii was a lively city that was developed in the sixth or seventh century BC.   Our guide described this surprising well preserved city as a town devoted to recreation, the Las Vegas of its time.    I was particularly fascinated with what was described an ancient version of a pizzeria (above.)  



Stop Two: Rome

Once in Rome, we continued our dive into history with a guided tour through Vatican City.    Amazing.   Our guide had actually wrote and published books about the Vatican and its museums vast history and traditions. She brought this sacred city to life in a way that we couldn't have achieved on our own.




The Stahl Travel agency had also arranged for a driver to take us on a two-hour drive through Rome at night so we could see many of the most iconic fountains and structures lit up in all their glory.  It was a great way to cover a lot of territory without all the time.




We were really only in Rome for a day and a half when we boarded a train destined for the Riveria and our next location....


Stop Three: Portofino




Portofino is an Italian fishing village on the Riviera known for its picturesque harbor and historical association with celebrity visitors.  Hmmm.   Who would we see?




The only thing I was seeing was the unimaginable views!





Sydney and I were not really in the mood for relaxation so we set out on a long hike that would ultimately lead us to a monastery that could only be accessed by foot or boat.


It was a long way to the top of the terrain we were hiking, but we appreciated the view once we got to the top...













And what was at the bottom of the hike wasn't bad either!



San Fruttuoso Monastery


We also had an opportunity to take a boat and see the incredible coastline and the estates that rested in the hills.  Sydney gazed on the grounds of the Dolce & Gabbana property and wondered what she will need to do in her own life and career to achieve this kind of success.





As we wrapped up our time in Portofino, its reputation for being a celebrity escape didn't disappoint.   We had the opportunity to chat with Kirstin Dunst (Spiderman), her fiancé and stylist while dining at an outdoor restaurant.   Sydney offered to take their picture for them (while I was taking a picture of her taking a picture.  LOL.) 



But despite our fun adventures in Portofino, we were also anxious to get to our last and final destination of our trip.


Stop Four: Venice


Venice seems to be one of those places that folks either hate or love.    We were on the "loved it" team.     As we approached our hotel by water taxi, we discovered that it was the site of a sculptural art installation by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn.   The sculpture features two large hands emerging from the Grand Canal.  He wanted to express the idea that hands hold so much power - the power to love, to hate, to create, or to destroy.




It was amazing and was one of the most photographed sites in Venice during our stay.      And the view from our room was equally inspiring.   



In Venice, we didn't have anything planned but wandering the city, enjoying its beauty and food.    Of course, we had more of our favorite, pizza!






Once of the nicest surprises was running into to an old friend and her daughter and being able to spend some time with them at one of Venice's historic stops, Harry's Bar (where we enjoyed one last Bellini.)




Well, that was my "someday".   And even though it's behind me, I will always have the cherished memories, conversations and experiences that I shared with Sydney.    Priceless.



So what are your "somedays?"    And what are you going to do to move from an "unspecified time in the future" to a definitive one.  Is it a trip, experience or making your home here in Des Moines as magical as all the places that you could visit?


 I can personally attest to the joy and satisfaction that comes with making your dreams become reality.    And making "somedays" come true are the best way I know to make a life worth living.