When Pictures Tell A Better Story Than Words

September 9, 2019

This week I get to be short on words and heavy on images.     Our talented team of stylists and the fantastic photographer, Alexa Karen, went to work capturing the joy of an inspired look.   The models?   Our own team rocking each and every look.

 I was fascinated by the details in each look.   Within each photo lies the secrets to creating memorable outfits that will make you look and feel your best. 


Lisa wears a plaid suiting featuring a hint of pink, giving it a feminine appeal.   What stands out as special for me is pairing a patterned sweater underneath.  Pattern on pattern done right!



Paula loves this lightweight but rich in texture duster that is essential to have in a transitional wardrobe.  So sophisticated!




Loving the fall rust color of this jean that Emily is wearing by our favorite denim line, L'agence. The denim is paired with a super soft cardigan and a lightweight blouse in a floral illustrated print.  There is even a bit of gold woven into the fabric. 


Dana captures the joy of this forest colored dress with a subtle and interesting pattern.  A chunky necklace and a black leather jacket layered over top makes for a fabulous fall look.


Dana looks like she can conquer the world in this Cheetah print overcoat.   I think she can, too!


These shoes!   The back and heel show off a great black and white print.   What do they say..."Party in the back, business in the front."


The texture in this coat is magnificent.   It is lightweight enough to wear as a dress and sophisticated enough to wear over a cocktail dress for an evening out. 


Okay, this layering of a suit is the epitome of sophisticated and fearless.   It looks like it was meant to be, right?  Remember this when you stand in your own closet and wonder how to elevate the great clothes you have.   


Don't decide that a polka dot blouse with a snake print camisole won't work with a plaid suit...before you even give it a try.   Because clearly, it looks incredible and special.   Play around in your closet...there is magic waiting to be made.   And if this isn't your forte...come in and work with us...it's ours.




Such a cute fall sweater dress.    This can be worn just as easily over leggings or tights.   Love!


Kasey is wearing an airy leopard print and tiered maxi dress. So darn cute.  Wear it with your sandals while you can or with booties when the warm weather fades.   Either way, you can't go wrong.



Max Mara leisure has hit our boutique with this luxurious plum silk pant and top.   The color is inspirational alone...but then add comfort and style.   Gorgeous on its own or with a long textural cardigan over top.

From head to toe, this outfit rocks.   An off-white blouse, jacket, and slacks with a caramel cardigan.  Yes.   And then add those uber-cool print mules...rocking the layers for sure!


Rather than pairing a sweater and slack, layer it underneath with a print shirting that gives it another level of interest! Chic. 


I hope these few pictures gave you some wardrobe inspiration.   But these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Truly, I have not been so inspired by the clothes in our boutique as I am this season.  Want to see all the looks from the photoshoot?   Just click on the picture below.


Not only did all the looks from the photoshoot this week give me some great inspiration, but also a quote that my sister-in-law, Gina, sent to me.   I thought it was the perfect way to end today's blog...(along with the gorgeous blouse that Kasey is wearing!)


I've got my crown on today.   How about you?   If you are not feeling like the queen that you are, a stop to K. Renee might be just what you need to kick things in the right direction.   

Love to see you,


PS... Lafayette 148 Trunk Show...starting later this week!