Seeing the Forest Through The Trees

July 15, 2019

I don't know about you, but I tend to prefer older homes with good bones.   Why?   There is just something about a mature neighborhood with bigger lots and classic details.   

The problem is that most of these 'oldie but goodie' homes are so dated that it is really difficult to see the forest through all the trees.   A very wise expression that describes a situation when we are too involved in only seeing outdated details instead of the opportunity for beauty. 

We recently worked with a family who purchased a 1958 ranch style home with all of its original lights, finishes, and flooring.  Yes, it desperately needed a facelift.     At first glance, they may not have seen all the possibilities, ahh, but once they did... the planning and work began to bring the home back to life.

Our clients chose to freshen up their 'diamond in the rough' by installing a new kitchen, replacing the flooring as well as updating doors, windows and trim throughout the home.   


And while their construction crew did their own magic, the K. Renee style team started the process of helping our clients to reimagine each of the main living areas once construction was complete. Of course, that requires in-home visits to measure and visualize the new spaces as well as some creative planning on paper.    

Before we bring in our clients to actually look at and select items for their home,  we always do our homework by space planning...a road map for selecting furnishings.   The first phase of this project was to complete the common areas - the kitchen, living room, sitting room, piano room, dining room and entry. 



Months before we installed the furnishings (construction always seems to take longer than we think), Stacie and Kelli helped our clients visualize and settle on a final floor plan for their newly designed spaces as well as helped them select updated decorative lighting fixtures throughout.   

I thought it would be fun for you to see the plans on paper along side the beautiful final results. Pictures are going to tell the story far better than my words, so here we go...


The Piano Room





Our plan on paper translated beautifully...


The Living Room





This area actually had two spaces to tackle.   The immediate hearth area and then a lovely space that allowed for a sitting room at the front of the house.






 The Kitchen & Dining Room


Renovating the kitchen area of an older home is one of the best ways to help retain and/or increase the value of a home.     So it is not only a wise financial move (they say you can recoup 60 cents of every dollar you invest) but a satisfying emotional one as well. 




The dining room needed to shine right along with the new bones of the kitchen.   The dining table and chairs flowed beautifully with the rest of the house.




 The last area that we tackled for our clients was the entry.   This is the first place your guests will see when they arrive at your home, so it needs to be good!



 The Entry






An old home revived.   What a wonderful and rewarding project!      Our role was simply to "see the forest through the trees"  and to help our clients envision the big picture through all the details. It is one of the things we do best at K. Renee.   When the time is right for you, I hope you will let us help you find the light that already shines within your own home.




Floral Workshop




Don't forget to sign up for our hands-on floral workshop coming up on Thursday, July 25 from 6 to 8 in the evening.   Why don't you make it a girls night out?   We will have cocktails, canapés and all the goods to make your own floral centerpiece just in time for the weekend.  



And other amazing news...


 Baby Announcement



We are also happy to announce that Emily, one of our fabulous clothing stylists, delivered a healthy and happy baby girl on Friday, July 12th at 11:27 pm.    Our wonder woman new mamma even worked all day that is dedication!



Congratulations Emily and Breighen!   We can't wait to meet you Penelope Capri. 

Have a wonderful week,