What's Your Story?

June 12, 2016
The one thing I have learned over the years is that everyone has a story.

But thankfully, I am not going to dive that deep today! BUT...I do want you to think about your pillow story.

Pillows say a lot about your personality and design style. The same sofa with two different sets of pillows on it tell a very different story.

If you are looking around your home right now and find that you have a challenged pillow story, you might be suffering from design paralysis (I might need to do a whole blog on this subject.)  If you are stuck by indecision or feel compelled to wait for the perfect pillow combination, it’s important to embrace the fact that style and design is not an exact science.

Actually, playing around with throw pillows is the easiest (and most economical) way to put a personal stamp on your home. In a matter of seconds, changing out pillows can give a room a completely different feel.

So let’s start with a few pillow story guidelines and we will finish with some examples of pillow combinations that work (and at least a couple that appeal to your sense of style).

Pick your color palette but leave room for neutrals

Adding your love of color within a pillow story is a great way to not make a long term commitment to your favorite color of the moment. In general, keep to a single color combined with neutrals like black, white, taupe, grey and creme. You can use deeper or lighter tones of your favored color within your pillow groups.

Mix textures and patterns

A mix of textures and patterns is often unexpected but creates the interest and depth that is needed to create a custom, unique and beautiful look. An interesting combination of pillows that work well together will bring your pillow story to life.

If your taste is to stick with solids, it is especially important to use a variety of texture and tone-on-tone patterns.

Use odd numbers

In general using an odd number of pillows are best and for some reason add to a feel of being lived-in. Somehow too much symmetry in a room makes it feel a little staged and ‘perfect’.  We at K. Renee believe that a home should always focus more on livability than perfection.

Invest in nice pillows

There is no easy way around this one… so I am just going to dive in. Nice pillows can elevate the look of an inexpensive sofa or chair. And the cheap, run of the mill pillows that are so easy to snag at all of our local home discount stores in town make an expensive sofa or chair look cheap.

If you invest in nice furniture, your pillows need to be nice as well. I promise once you toss all those “great deal” pillows and exchange them with an assortment of quality pillows complete with down inserts and luxurious fabrics...you will feel (and be inspired) by the difference.

Last, but not least… 

Don’t karate chop your pillows

I’m not sure what that is all really all about and, personally, I think the effect gives a home a staged, unlivable look.

Now that we have some general guidelines to consider, the last thing you need to do is determine your pillow personality.

Are you traditional?

You might like a polished look with a lattice or floral print. Symmetry, shimmery rich fabrics with a touch of formality tend to be your favorites.

Are you modern?

Bold patterns and colors tend to grace your interiors. You might also like your interiors to be clean and simple.

Are you a little bit eclectic?

You tend to be playful and don’t like to stick to one style or print. You appreciate texture and mixing things up.

Are you seeking the serene and calm?

Instead of bold colors and patterns, you prefer rich fabrics and textures to create interest and warmth in your home. Your home is an oasis away from the hecticness of your daily life.

Are you adventurous?

Global prints and interesting textures that remind you of world travel and an exotic life tend to be your favorites. Medallions and tribal prints keep you inspired in your home.

The combinations and stories that you can create with pillows are endless. Here are just a few combinations that we think work...

The best thing about beautiful pillows is that you can create a story that expresses your style in the moment and with great ease can change it to reflect the warmth of summer or the cool of winter.    Perhaps the greatest and most powerful accessory in your home!

Enjoy creating your own pillow story.