What's It Gonna Be?

December 26, 2017

I hope each of you has had a wonderful holiday whether that be Hanukkah, Christmas or however you celebrate this festive month.     It’s been a whirlwind month for sure...and there is finally snow that points to some colder days ahead (okay, that is not a good thing, but it has to happen so we can get to Spring!)



As we pass these important December milestones, I find my thoughts wandering ahead to 2018 and new dreams and goals for the next 12 months.



For the last couple of years, I have been choosing one word to represent the year ahead and have no plans to stop.   For me, detailed New Year's resolutions simply haven’t worked.   

“Working out three days a week” or “eliminating sugar from my diet” (all which I seriously need to do) are sensible resolutions but just not that inspiring. Instead, I choose a theme or word for the entire year... ENGAGED, DISCIPLINED, PLAYFUL (whatever I need more of in life) and it has proven to empower me (and millions of others who do the same) to make different choices throughout the year.  

In 2016, my word was “JOY" which kept me focused on doing more things that created this emotion and last year, it was “MAGIC.”   




While I had lots of magical moments in 2017... a vacation to Italy with my daughter, a girl-trip with a lifetime college friend, all our K. Renee home transformations, a visit from Mr. Right Bank, the best work team that I can imagine, a concert in my home, a new puppy, kids that are doing great in life (the list goes on)...  I realized that “MAGIC” is a lifelong pursuit and not a one year only word.   Let’s just say “MAGIC” will be my LIFE word and work.

So, what's it gonna be in 2018?    

I am not sure what my word will be this year.   I’ve thought about EXPERIENCES because for me both joy and magic usually come hand-in-hand when I try and do new things.   I don’t know...I need to sit on it for a few days and will tell you next week what WORD I have permanently landed on.

Okay, now your turn.   What about you?   What's it gonna be?   What do you want and need more of in your life?   What's the ONE WORD that best points you in the direction you want to go?

To find a word that really resonates and inspires you, take a moment to think about these questions...

What do you need more of?  

How do you want to feel next year?

Is there something that you are hoping for in 2018?  

Is there something that you want to develop in yourself?

Look through these words for inspiration and notice the ones that you are drawn to...   


There are so many good words out there!   If you need some more ideas, check out the Instagram feed of Myintent.org   Explore variations of the words that speak to you, talk to your friends or family about it.   And then...choose ONE WORD at the end of the year (5 days and counting) and see where it might take you in 2018!  

I'd love it if you chose to share your word with me (publically or privately.)   There is something about saying what we want out loud...it makes it real.   We can have a meaningful conversation about it when I see you, and I will be a part of your "hold you accountable" team.     

 This is our last blog of 2017!   Thank you for following along and supporting our business of inspiration.  All of us at K. Renee, wish you a wonderful New Year!