What is a Dickey? And Other Mysterious Fashion Questions...

October 23, 2017



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What is a “Dickey?”  Now that is an interesting way to start a blog, right?   It seems that we have been fielding a few mysterious fashion questions lately and today I am going to try and answer a few.

 Last week, we hosted a very special Right Bank Shoe event.    As well as hosted a very mysterious guest (aka "Mr. Right Bank") who came to deliver fabulous product knowledge and insights about his shoe line exclusively carried at K. Renee.      


 Right Bank Shoes | Des Moines


To honor the arrival of "Mr. Right Bank" we threw a small cocktail soiree on Friday night.

Mr. Right Bank

Complete with all the fixings...florals, food from Cyd's Catering, and a few beverages featuring the "incognito" champagne cocktail.


Cyd's Catering
Incognito Cocktail Incognito Cocktail


And we also enjoyed the musical talents of Eddie Arndorfer.


Eddie Arndorfer Music


But more than anything else we enjoyed each others company...

Cocktail Party | K. Renee | Des Moines
Cocktail Party | K. Renee | Des Moine Cocktail Party | K. Renee | Des Moine
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As well as the opportunity to hear about the rich history of our guest "Mr. Right Bank"  and his passion for shoes.

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All this mystery about our guest, right?    If you haven't figured out who he is, you'll just have to stop by the store so we can fill you in on all the mystery surrounding our unnamed guest.   And if you would like to see more amazing pictures (compliments of Ivory House Photography)  from our shoe event, click here.


Okay, back to the main question of the day, "What is a Dickey?"    Dickies (the old way to spell it) were very popular in the sixties.     

Dickies of the Sixties

A "dickie" is a piece of neckware that is supposed to simulate an undershirt, so that one only has to wear the dickie and an over-shirt.  Why?  That's a really good question.    Less laundry?   I suppose.   Easier to starch?   You bet.   But the main reason was so that the person wearing it wouldn't overheat (with less layers.)   Hmmm, okay.   

The modern day "dickie" now spelled "dickey" is the invention of one of our favorite lines, Veronica Beard.    


Modern Dickey 


And they produced this little video to explain "What Is A Dickey?" best...




Later this week, we invite you to our 2017 Fall Veronica Beard Trunk Show to shop an expanded assortment of our Veronica Beard collection, view all the available "dickeys" and to...

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LEARN about the Veronica Beard secret skinny pocket.    Hmmm.   Another mysterious fashion question.     Just what is the VB secret skinny pocket?      When Veronica Beard set out to design their new jean line, their goal was to make each and every woman look their best.    The front pocket construction on their jeans utilize a stretch fabric that creates a slimming effect for a seriously perfect and sleek fit every single time you wear them.

 Veronica Beard Jeans

Don't believe them?  Seeing for yourself is the only way to believe.  We will have a full size run ( from waist 24 to 32) available for you to try on for fit as well as a sample of all available styles and washes.   This week it starts out on the warm side but by the end of the week we should  be feeling the chill of fall!   Just in time for some sweaters, boots and a whole lot of fall options to keep the chill fashionably away!  


  Weather Forecast Des Moines


 Have a great week!  Get ready to bundle up.