March 22, 2021

Weekly Dose of Inspiration

Week XII



Personal Style  
Boom Chicka Pop



Boom Chicka Pop is a perfect way to describe a person embracing the surprise style trend of 2021 of "Everyday Exuberance" -  The art of dressing up - even just a bit - when we are doing the mundane.   This exuberance is a way of reclaiming our happiness regardless of outside factors.



Paula embraces the day and her grocery shopping in her modern denim jacket by L'Agence, paired with a fabulous cotton skirt and scarf.   



The gas pumps have never looked so good!   Just adding a versatile leather jacket that can be dressed up or down and a vibrant bag to everyday denim makes it easy to put together a polished look that fits all the criteria of a relaxed and comfortable outfit.   

I think she should get extra reward points.   What about you? 


The late Karl Lagerfeld once said: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.”   

Boom Chicka Pop For Yourself

Liking the way we look can and does lift our own spirits.  Picking out a great outfit, getting ready, and then getting dressed goes a long way to setting the spirit and pace for your day.    Give it a try, you might be surprised!

Boom Chicka Pop For Others

Why not be an inspiration for others?   It shows others that we care - about not only ourselves but the world around us.   Seems like we could use more of that positive energy in the world!




Inspiration For Your Home

Bring a Little Drama (Into Your Decor)

Want to add a touch of your personality and a bit of drama to your home?  


Lighting is a wonderful way to create an air of an air of glamour, mystery, and moodiness.   Ahh, this fixture above and below is an absolute stunner.   



This incredible two-tier chandelier features hundreds of antique nickel chains that lay beautifully across the piece.  The chains' movement is like fabric, and the effect in a room is more than dramatic.

Beautiful in a living area or moody in just the right way for a master retreat!    You really need to come to see this light in person.   



Our metallic gold Buddha scented candle is a simple way to add both personality, drama, and luxurious scent to your home, instantly.    

The buddha is known around the world as a peaceful and wonderfully calming figure.   Not only are you adding an elegant and bold touch to your decor but adding fragrance notes of pink grapefruit, pomelo, waterlily, eucalyptus, driftwood, sea moss.  

PS.   We have our Buddha available in silver and white as well.  



Our black ceramic elephant infuses a little light-hearted drama into your decor. It is said that elephants with their trunk up are a symbol of luck and good fortune.   Who wouldn't want to invite that into their home?

Fragrance notes of our fun little guy are blackberry, patchouli, and vanilla.   



Our gunmetal Alexandre candle is certainly a bold and dramatic piece for those that appreciate skull art.  Skull art gives a “rock star" kind of vibe when it’s done just right.  A “less is more” works best for skull style.   Fragrance notes on this dramatic candle are sandalwood, amber, patchouli, and jasmine.  




Living Life Beautifully
Monday Motivation