July 12, 2021



Monday, July 12, 2021
The Resurgence of Cozy



The last year has taught us that we yearn for comfort and a much-needed feeling of calm, creativity, and purpose in our homes.    The key to good design has always been creating a haven that evokes a sigh of relief every time you step back into your home.   

So, it is no surprise that we see a resurgence of cozy, touchable fabrics.   And among our favorites are lovely Bouclé and the ever so soft Sherpa-inspired fabrics.




These looped, curled, and woven fabrics can help ramp up the cozy factor in any home, turning even the coldest spaces into rooms that feel like a warm hug.

They also provide a range of practical benefits...heavy, durable, and soft.



There is nothing better than a serious dose of texture to inject the warmth and welcoming feeling that we all crave in our homes!




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