January 24, 2022



Turning Sunday Blues into Sunday Supper



Maybe it's the shock of how quickly the weekends come and go. Perhaps it's the task of facing the dreaded to-do list we managed to avoid for as long as possible. Okay, I'll just come out and say it. Sundays can be a total bummer.

It marks the end of two days of "free time" spent enjoying activities that fill our cup—gathering with family and friends and taking time to unwind from our busy weeks. It doesn't get much better than the weekend. It's no wonder people are always petitioning to officially extend it by a day or two.




But, while Sunday marks the end of the joyous weekend, it also marks the beginning of a new week. The opportunity to start fresh. And what better way to do so than to create a tradition of Sunday supper and continue to gather.




Whether you enjoy it with your immediate family or your closest friends, setting aside some time to prepare an inspiring meal to enjoy while connecting with your loved ones is such a rewarding way to bring your weekend to a close.




Need some inspiration to get you started? We love the corned beef recipe from Karen Mordechai's Sunday Suppers cookbook.




A beautiful collection of simple meals designed to help you rediscover the magic of gathering. An opportunity to bring together friends, family, or even strangers to connect over the act of cooking and sharing meals. 


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