September 27, 2021


Not-so-basic "basics"

Let's celebrate the official start of the seasonal shift from summer to fall with some not-so-basic "basics."    Our focus is to deliver elevated yet foundational elements for your wardrobe, from lovely classic knits to timeless accessories...and everything in between.  

Rebuild a simply beautiful and versatile wardrobe with these steps in mind...





Focus on neutrals

When it comes to rebuilding your wardrobe and personal style, the key is to keep neutrals at the forefront of your list.   All-season neutral shades of grey, black, camel, ivory, and blue are the secret to building a wardrobe that gives you tremendous versatility and will continue to work from season to season.  Booties, belts, and scarves - that are also following suit in an all-season color palette will give your closet versatility, depth, and a lovely edge of polish.  





Bring in basics

The goal is to add staple pieces to our wardrobe that are building blocks for creating multiple unique looks.   

Items like versatile jackets, a classic animal print,  flattering denim, everyday necklaces, and comfortable booties, flats, and heels.   

It may be tempting to go for the more "trendy" items, but high-quality basics will be the items that ground your closet and help you transcend any style moment that finds its way into your future.  




Effortless & Comfortable

We always look and feel our best when we have items in our closets that are effortless and comfortable.   

The thought of spending the day in a too-tight or too-big jacket or slacks can set your day on the wrong foot.  Who needs that?  

Instead of focusing on what we can't wear this fall, it is time to rebuild our wardrobes full of items that we love wearing and that can be worn multiple different ways.   





As stylists, our job is to help our clients fill their closet with not-so-basic "basics" that they will love wearing and wearing in multiple different ways.  

Perhaps it is time to come to play around in our closet!


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