September 13, 2021




New Home, New Style, New Friends




Last week we had the opportunity to do a home transformation for new clients.  About a month ago, they visited us for the first time to shop for furnishings.    Our clients had just purchased a lovely new home, and their old furnishings just didn't fit the look and style they wanted to achieve.  

Before visiting us, they fell in love with a few homes featured on our website: a Polk City Ranch and Lake of the Ozarks home.   

After two joyful meetings to select furnishings, our style team was ready to transform their home within days of closing.   





Gorgeous, right?    

Shelving always is a little tricky.  And these three narrow shelves and lower platform needed a little magic.  




Shelving can quickly become cluttered with lots of little stuff.  It's important to create an aesthetically pleasing balance of items and space.  Don't be afraid to leave a shelf empty and create smaller scenes of inspired accessories.   




We love the simplicity of this kitchen dining space that features a live edge wood table in a blonde finish.   The rug, artwork, and accessories create a soothing space to dine and relax.  




Too often, the master bedroom is the last space to get a makeover in a home.   As we always say, this is the first place you see in the morning and the last at night...and it should inspire.   




And so we created a beautiful space to say good morning and good night!




Thank you, dear clients, for entrusting your home to us.    New home, new style, new friends!



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