October 31, 2022



Sources of Inspiration

Twice a year, our team explores Highpoint Furniture market, the largest industry trade show in the world.   With over 10 million square feet and 2000 vendors, it is the ideal place to look for sources of inspiration. 

As soon as the team arrives back in Des Moines, the first question is, what did you love?  

Hands down, this incredible showroom featuring uniquely crafted furniture made from recovered wood was a favorite.



Inspired by nature and committed to preserving her beauty, this line strategically sources already fallen wood instead of using traditional forestry methods.  



Their work aims to honor the life of a tree and its worthy journey.   Artisans turn these into expressive works of art for the home. 

This gorgeous console is made from Raw Olive wood and black resin filling the natural knots.   



Another one-of-a-kind piece that took our breath away was this aged brass and bleached Milkwood.  

Something old made for the modern world.




This media cabinet is made from the tropical exotic wood Guanacaste.   A lovely way to bring a natural organic quality into your home.  



Another inspiring showroom was a collection hailing from Brazil….offering contemporary elegance so fresh and unique. 




We also loved this bold rug paired with a brass and marble dining table.   




Of course, we are always on the hunt for unique accessories, lighting, and rugs.   Over the span of four days, there was a lot of ground to cover to find all the special pieces that you will see gracing our showroom floor, looking for their forever home.



The quote this week graced one of the many showrooms visited last week, and we couldn't agree more.   



The world is your runway and we are here to help you walk it!