October 2, 2021



"Time. To. Relax."

Friday night, we joyfully received this note through our Facebook messenger.   It came from a client enjoying his basement space for the first time just hours after we had transformed this room. 



Yes!   Exactly what we were aiming to achieve!    A little over two weeks ago, our client came to us and said that he was tired of having a space in his home that he did not feel great about spending time within.    

It housed some old unwanted furniture, and instead of being the tired furniture zone, he wanted to have a loungy, comfortable, bold room for watching great movies and entertaining friends.  




After deciding to retire all his old and unused furniture, our client wanted the room completed before the long winter months set in.  

 A couple of months ago, Stacie helped him design his master bedroom, which turned out to be his favorite place in the home.    So he reached out to her, knowing exactly what he wanted to achieve.




Our client wanted the basement to have continuity with the rest of the home and become his next favorite space in the house.   With this charge in mind, our client made two visits to pick out immediately available pieces that he loved.  

He made some bold choices that fit with his personality and style.    Within a couple of weeks, our team was in his home installing this fabulous room just in time for him to enjoy it for the weekend.   







Too often, we underestimate the potential in our homes.  We furnish them with all of the leftovers from another time in our lives.   These typically unused spaces can easily be turned into a wonderful and useful retreat within our own homes.  

As our client so aptly said, "Time. To. Relax."    And to be in Heaven in your own home.