October 11, 2021




Comfortable Elegance

Recent clients came to us with the desire to create an inspired home space with a fresh modern flavor that reflected their personality of comfort and simple elegance.  Although they were drawn to clean lines in their architecture, furniture, and decor, they also wanted their home to exude a sense of warmth. 


Decorative pillows are one of the most important accessories in your home.  Not only do they set a warm, welcoming tone, but they are a simple way to add the texture, color, and pattern needed to pull other elements in the room together.   



We kept our accessories clean and uncluttered on the textural cocktail table that added another element of warmth.  This simple combination of curated furnishings created a look that we think you will agree is extraordinary.  



Throughout the rest of the home, our client chose furnishings with clean, simple lines yet had a sense of warmth and comfort.   The natural wood of the dining table and a gorgeous 70" round mirror contributed significantly to the desired outcome of comfortable elegance in the home.  




Perhaps there is nothing more inspiring than having a home that says "Welcome Home!"


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