October 10, 2022




Panorama Views

ia magazine is a statewide publication that shares stories from around our beautiful state. This annual magazine is a love letter to Iowa, curating stories that showcase our state and capture our hearts.


The recent 2023 edition featured one of our favorite lake homes.  (You can click here to see the entire article.)



Our goal with our clients was to help them design a livable, comfortable space that was warm and comfortable yet aligned with their personal style. 


Views of the lake were clearly the focal point of this beautiful home.  The clients chose a soft palette of whites and greys that maximized the natural light and kept a light airy feel throughout the home.



Our clients have a modern aesthetic but wanted materials, fabrics, textures and layers that created a warm and inviting feel.  


No matter where you look in this home, beauty surrounds you both inside and out.  This home serves as a year round retreat.   Imagine the holidays as the terrain turns from spectacular greens and blues to a magical winter wonderland.


This lovely staycation retreat is only a short 45 minute trek to find sanctuary and peace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Des Moines.  



The perfect place to relax, rewind, refresh and enjoy all the panoramic views that Iowa has to offer.  


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