November 7, 2022



The Cherry on Top


The phrase, ' Cherry on Top" means a desirable feature perceived as the finishing touch to something that is already very good.

That is precisely the magic that JEWELRY for yourself and your home can bring.  


Jewelry isn't just a is so much more than that.   Wearing it is said to be the earliest form of artistic self-expression.  With pieces that inspire you, it is a wonderful way to complete an outfit and stand out from the crowd.


We just received a new line of jewelry, DEMARSON.   Their focus is on modern design, versatility, and beautifully crafted pieces that evoke immediate attention.   

Lady Gaga and Cardi B. are just a few of their high-profile clients that can be seen wearing this line. 


This is just a sampling of the beautiful pieces here for your enjoyment!

On the same note, jewelry for your home...lovely things like chandeliers, accessories, and textiles are essential to give your rooms a flavor of your personality and style.  



'Tis the season to add a little sparkle.   Metallic pillows are a wonderful way to begin styling your home for the winter and holidays.


Can I say "Wow" about this lovely piece of home jewelry?   This enamel-coated vase is inspired by the Ming Dynasty era, with its brass accents and glass beads surrounding the top edge.   Love!


Lighting is such a massive part of making a statement in your home.  A chandelier like this not only warms up a room with dancing lights but also helps complete the look and adds a flair of personality.

This textured and striated, 6-light chandelier (above) in polished nickel is grand, modern, and lovely.