November 21, 2022




Thankful For The Little Things In Life


A lovely day is ahead this week that reminds us to be thankful for the little things in life.   After all, we know that thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment and that causes peace.

Whether you are welcoming friends and family to your home or being a guest in someone else's home...what a blessing it is to spend time with people we love.  



Although a Thanksgiving feast is a highlight of the day, there are little touches that can also make the day shine.   

A simple arrangement of flowers adds a beautiful and welcoming touch.  



Whether you are having a small or large gathering, setting the table sets the tone for the feast ahead.   

It is one of the little things that we don't seem to do often enough.   It sends a message to your guests that they deserve special attention and has the wonderful effect of making food taste even better.  



A beautiful mirror, a delightful candle, and a festive plant adds warmth and a welcoming touch for your guests to enjoy.  



After an outstanding meal, who doesn't enjoy cozying up and letting your stomach settle for round two (or three.)    Pillows and throws will help your guest unwind and stay awhile. 



And, of course, this comfort is key when spending the rest of the afternoon (and evening in some homes) cheering on your favorite football team. 





K. Renee is thankful, blessed, and grateful for each of you.   We are wishing you and yours the happiest of Thanksgiving!