May 31, 2022




Fierce and Fabulous!


Talented DSM Magazine photographer, Duane Tinkey, captured this photograph of our fierce and fabulous stylists earlier this Spring.   



We posted this fun photograph on our social media and asked our followers to come up with a caption that captured its spirit.   The winning caption says it all:


"Walk confidently in the direction of your dreams."


These wonderful women are naturally confident.  Yet, they also know that what they wear affects the mind in the best of ways. Science has proven that the clothes we wear play a big role in how we feel about ourselves and interact with other people.  

As summer approaches with social events galore, we have confidence-boosting looks to uplift your mood and get you out of the door with a smile!


How about this exquisite maxi skirt and tank with an oversized green palm print set against a white background?   



Or a chic maxi dress in honey brown that gently hugs the waist before releasing into a full skirt with a front side slit.   So easy, cool and flattering for so many occasions.  



An effortless dress in a light violet pairs beautifully with a white blazer, perfect for work or a night out.   


This Summer, Lucy (above), our design intern from Iowa State, is working with us for the second year as she pursues an interior design degree.   She loves having the opportunity to find the pieces for her wardrobe that support her dreams and goals for the future.