May 3, 2021


Home Inspiration
A Little Before, A Lot of After


Transforming a room in your home may seem like a hassle, but it certainly doesn't need to be that way.   It's actually quite easy.  

Decide to make a change.

Perhaps the hardest part is deciding you want to feel something different in your space.   Below, our client wanted to turn one of their bedrooms into an elegant guest room.

One of our stylists visited the home to take pictures, measure, and discuss dreams and goals with our client.  





And the result was uniquely fabulous.   The only problem?  Guests may never want to leave.


Create a plan for the space.

Once a stylist visits a home for a consultation, our team collaborates on a space plan and selects a variety of options for our clients to consider for their home.    

The living room below wasn't quite what our clients had envisioned in their new home.   



See, Touch and Feel Furnishings.

After our style team creates a space plan, the next step is for our clients to come to our showroom and make selections for their homes.   We believe that it is so important for each client to be able to sit, touch, and feel all the options made available to them.  

You simply can't determine if something is "just right" by looking at a picture.





Sit Back, Relax and Let Us Complete Your Space

Within days (or when it suits your schedule), our style team can finish a room with all the layers needed to make it complete, cozy, and comfortable - all without you having to lift a hand.   

This finished space checks all the boxes for how our clients envisioned their living room.   Elegant, comfortable, functional, and cozy.   




Such a beautiful room and a dramatic change from before to after...all complete in a matter of days.


Personal Style 

No Perfect Way

"There is no way to be

a perfect mother,

but a million ways

to be a great one."



Cheers to all the Moms as we head toward Mother's Day this coming Sunday!





Living Life Beautifully
For the Mom's