May 17, 2021



Time To Catch Up


With little to no in-person contact with many of our friends and loved ones over the past several months, it is beyond refreshing to all gather again, face-to-face. And boy do we have some catching up to do!


There is something so special about coming together for some good conversation and belly laughs over a great glass of wine. Moments that are even more special after time spent apart. 



Speaking of catching up, many of us are stepping back into our closets and brushing the dust off our wardrobes. Remembering the pieces we had forgotten and reaching for the things we had been dreaming of wearing once things were, “back to normal.” 

With a year (plus) of nowhere to go, there are obvious gaps in our closets. A nagging feeling that everything feels, “so last season.” 



With warmer weather upon us and social events popping up, there is undoubtedly a feeling in the air... it’s time for a refresh. And what better time than now? With places to go and people to see, there is suddenly a meaningful purpose for getting dressed again. 



We can feel it when you walk through our doors with smiles on your faces and excitement in your eyes as you greet the clothing on the racks like old friends. 

Without a doubt, we have some catching up to do... why not do it in style?




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