March 29, 2021

Weekly Dose of Inspiration

Week XII

Inspiration For Your Home
Love it or Leave it


Leaving furniture behind that is perfectly functional can be so difficult.   Many times, old upstairs furniture that clients tire of gets repurposed in the basement.    A great solution, right?   Not really.   Because you still don't love it.   There is nothing that draws you to spend any time at all in some of the best spaces in your home.   

Let me show you a recent love it or leave it basement transformation.




While furnishings may have once been perfect for a home in the past, they just don't bring to life the structure and style of a home that you spend months building or buying. 




Our clients decided to leave it. Finally feeling at home and in sync with the style of their new home.  A love it moment. 



The kids have gone and the old ping-pong table has retired to allow space for casual dining or an evening of cards or games.


Personal Style  
Feel the Change

We are not only feeling a change in the weather, but also our spirits.     Perhaps this Spring, more than ever, we feel like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.    And our wings can be beautiful and joyful.  

How fun is this lightweight, light tan utility jacket with elegant, feminine updates? And, of course, the gold buttons for a touch of glamour.



Sometimes just adding a great belt can elevate a very simple and comfortable look.   Kasey does that so beautifully below.   




Many of you have been asking when our outdoor furniture will arrive.    The world has been full of delays, but we are happy to report we have stock immediately available! 



Living Life Beautifully
Monday Motivation