March 1, 2021

Week VIII - Happy March!


Personal Style  

Zoom In On Personal Style

A client and friend of K. Renee sent us an article from the Wall Street Journal, Zoom In On Style. It talks about how we had surrendered to casual wear but that we are all, thankfully, snapping out of our sartorial slump.   Tanya Golesic, the 49-year-old president of Jimmy Choo, says, "I think people are over being boring...the whole idea of glamour is coming back."  She also said she fantasizes about setting track pants on fire.


Zoom In On Style

It's time to take control over your virtual meetings and put your personal style front and center once again.  

Paula (largest screen below) wears a beautiful Iris silk blouse (just in from Vince), a French Kande necklace, and a textural sweater that brightens her look and complexion.  


Zoom Tip: Not only does she look good, but she knows that the camera should be at eye level (so raise those laptops), and you don't have to sit so close to the camera that you because a talking head.  

Keep in mind that cameras on your phone or computer are wide-angle.   When you get too close, it distorts you.    Take a step back from the camera!



Julie Brown makes waist up look so good in a vegan leather jacket and a simple tee finished off with a great necklace.  

Why else does she look so good?  She takes advantage of having a great background and makes sure she has the right lighting.


Zoom Style Tip:   Lighting is everything!    

There is currently a boom in cosmetic procedures because people don't like how they look on camera.   

The good news is that the issue really isn't you.  It's because you don't have enough light in front of you.  For the best result, one steady lamp, directly by your face, will give you even steady fill light.   

The right light

Inspiration For Your Home
Zoom In On Your Background


Your interior makes an appearance on every video call that you make, a window into your world so to speak.

We promise that sitting in front of anything other than a blank wall will create a better mood and view.   While you don't want to overdo it with too much clutter, artwork will always serve you well as a great backdrop.


Zoom Style Tip:  Don't use virtual backgrounds especially for work meetings.  They have the same vibe as fake flowers.  Although the background may make you stand out, it might not be in the best of ways. 

Instead, find something beautiful to reflect your personality and that will frame you beautifully.  



This soothing blush, black, white, taupe art piece is feminine and strong.    A perfect backdrop for your next video conference. 

Living Life Beautifully
Monday Motivation