January 3, 2021



Manifesting Style:  a glimpse into 2022 with Kelli Schulz



After taking some time to reflect on the past year and a few days to relax and regroup ahead of the new year, we are ready to dive right into 2022.




What better way to kick things off than with a quick inspirational Q&A with Kelli Schulz, who is sharing with us what is inspiring her for the new year!

As we begin 2022, we must always reflect in order to move forward with intention. What is something you have learned over the past 12 months that you will take with you into the new year? 



 "2021 was absolutely the year of home. More than ever, we saw our clients really understanding the value of the special moments created when they love where they live. We do not expect that appreciation to fade anytime soon. This year, we will continue to help our customers create spaces that reflect the things they love most in life. Think design inspired by nature and travel with warm hues and textures incorporated in unexpected ways."




What is something you hope to challenge yourself with creatively this year?

Well, while I will never stray from my tried and true neutral palette, I am finding myself inspired by spaces that feature intentional doses of color. A few pieces we just received that are specifically fueling this urge are a collection of pillows in a rich green hue and an oversized square ottoman upholstered in a blush boucle fabric. 

When incorporating color successfully you can’t try too hard. Pieces like these allow us to bring elements of color into a room naturally, without overdoing it.





When it comes to fashion, do you see these trends in design translating into clothing as well?

Absolutely, there are so many parallels in fashion and home, that is how I got into this business after all.

Just like at home, the K. Renee woman craves a wardrobe that allows her to express herself for every occasion, with equal parts poise and ease.

In 2022 we will see a focus on storytelling through textural elements. We are seeing designers do this through enchanting eyelets and embroidered fabrics, crushed velvets, head-to-toe prints, and soft vegan leathers. The styles we will see come through our doors this year will not disappoint




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