July 5, 2022



Living The Life Beautifully


A recent client struggled to make their new home live up to its potential with furnishings kept from their previous house.  

It's a bit like wearing old clothes that don't fit well or that you don't like.   Feeling your best is hard when you don't love how you look. 



After visiting our clients' homes, our team helped them not only select furnishings they love but also fit perfectly in the space. 



All the materials chosen for the living and dining room are family-friendly, easy to clean, and meet their goal of having their home look and feel its best.  

Although the home is new to our clients, it had a previous owner. Some of the light fixtures in the home didn't reflect their personal style.   



Is the chandelier in the dining room still functional?   Yes.   But looking at it didn't bring our clients joy.   Instead, they chose the light fixture below (which will be installed by a certified electrician.).   The final look will be fabulous!



We also installed a beautiful piece of artwork, accessories, and console in the entry completing the look on the first floor. 



In the picture below, you see Kelli measuring the space on either side of the fireplace.   Once our clients live in the space for a bit, phase 2 might include installing shelves or a chest on either side.  


Either of the options below would be lovely additions to the space.   Which do you prefer?   A or B?



There is nothing better than living life beautifully in your own home.    


Even my amazing granddaughters understand the concept and have both taken to the idea.   I found this little note that my oldest granddaughter wrote that added a little twist.

"Living THE Life Beautifully."  

How cute!



At their home in Arizona, the girls have created a play store called K.Renee Junior.    So, of course, I had to make some signage to support their goal of "living the life beautifully.