November 14, 2022



Living Large in Small Spaces

A smaller home has the same opportunity to be as spectacular as a sprawling one.   Perhaps you are just starting out with your career, or you are an empty nester wanting to downsize.   Either way, small spaces have great potential to inspire.  

A case in point is a condominium we recently completed for our 55 and older clients.  




Coming in at a little over 1700 Sq. Ft., this two-bedroom, two-bathroom condominium had great potential.   Above you see the builder layout and our plans (bottom) for furnishing the space.  

Our clients decided to make it a clean slate and select furnishings that complimented the space.  

And I think you will agree, it turned out lovely.   Let's take a peek at the great room. 




It can be said that moving from a larger space to a smaller one can cause something called "Relocation Stress Syndrome," perhaps feeling like the smaller space is not as nice as before.

This certainly does not need to be the case.   Our clients chose to give their small space all the attention it needed.    The builder-grade light fixtures didn't inspire, but the black organic chandelier installed undoubtedly did. 



The master bedroom received the same kind of attention, creating a zen place to unwind at the end of the day.  




The second bedroom was turned into a comfortable TV room.   Yes, it could have been a second bedroom, but our clients simply wanted this smaller footprint to be their own sanctuary. 



Many times condominiums don't get as much natural light as larger homes.  Light has a direct impact on our mood, so it was important to use chandeliers, lamps, and mirrors to brighten up the space.  

We placed mirrors on either side of the fireplace, which not only reflects natural light but make the space appear larger.  



So never fear embracing a fresh start.   We can help you remove any stress and effort it may take to create an inspiring new home... large, small, and everything in between.