June 28, 2021



Monday, June 28, 2021, Week XXVI

Color Your World

With summer in full gear, there is much to be happy about! And a pop of color such as yellow is the perfect way to express the feeling of joy.



Did you know that looking at bright colors such as yellow, red or pink, releases dopamine (commonly known as the feel-good hormone) known to improve our mood and boost our attention span?

Wearing bright colors can help project positive energy into the world that usually gets reflected right back.   A little pop of color can go a long way in brightening your day!




At home, why not add some strategically placed pops of dazzling color.   The sunshine of this graphic yellow pillow will beam back at you in the best of ways. 



Of course, the most powerful way to color your world is with a smile.   When we smile, it makes us feel lighter and more carefree...instantly making us happier.   



And then there is the power a smile has when it is shared with others.   How cool is it that we can turn someone's whole day around with a smile? 




Living Life Beautifully
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