June 27, 2022



Finding Inspiration

For our final installment of our summer art series we are featuring our long-time stylist, Susy Damon.


With a long history in the business of fashion and more specifically footwear, Susy certainly doesn’t lack in creativity.




In fact, outside of our doors at K. Renee, she takes on art as a hobby. From volunteering her time as an art docent at the Des Moines art center to painting in her art studio often while her dog, Milo watches from a distance.



Susy has been finding inspiration for her recent painting projects from the soft, calming colors and organic textures that she has been drawn to throughout our showroom and clothing boutique.  


She recently completed this large scale piece of work to hang on the walls of her new home. The combination of a soft color palette and abstract design has a certain calming effect we can’t help but fall in love with. 


How beautiful does it look in our showroom?