June 21, 2021



Finishing Touches on a Lake Living Retreat

June 21, 2021

When we met our clients, they had already purchased their major furnishings for their lake home.   Yet, it just didn't feel like the inspired getaway spot they imagined.   As old friends of K. Renee, they knew exactly where to turn for help to complete their space and ultimately, make it feel like home.



The main-level living room (picture above) felt a bit more cramped than our clients had envisioned.

The lower-level familyroom (picture below) had a sectional and nothing else but a great view.  



Let's start with the upstairs living room.   As you can see below, it is really a large living space.   Our team recommended a new layout that used all the space as one room.   Often, we hear clients say that they don't want to put a sofa backed to a window so as not to block the views.    As you can see, it certainly doesn't block the views and allows the room to reach its full potential. 



We brought in a wood cocktail table, print swivels, a textural rug, and some lake-inspired accessories to warm up the room.    The hue of the pillows seems to bring the gorgeous color of the lake right inside the home.  Lovely.   

The lower-level family room needed just a few touches, and these touches made a world of difference.  



We repurposed the cocktail table from the upstairs living room, added an indoor/outdoor rug, pillows, accessories...bringing some much-needed texture,  interest, and life to the room.   

Finally, time to relax and enjoy the space and lake instead of wondering what to do to make the house a home. 



Don't worry.  Be happy.   K. Renee is always here to help.   Instead,  grab a hat and head out to the lake to enjoy the day!  



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