June 20, 2022


Passing the Paint Brush

As we continue our summer art series, we have a revived appreciation for our showroom, which not only serves as a constant source of light for others but as fuel for the internal creativity that allows our business to thrive.


Last week, we passed the paintbrush to our lovely intern Lucy, who we feel so lucky to have on our team again this Summer ahead of her sophomore year at Iowa State University.



She quickly gravitated toward a sun-soaked vignette in our showroom and got down to work on her painting. We love the modern feel of her final piece. 



“In high school, I was thinking about designing houses as my future job, but once I stepped

into K. Renee the summer after graduating, I knew this was what I wanted to do."


completed project.jpg


"Looking at all the furniture, accessories, and artwork made me want to paint a piece

that shows off some of my favorite spaces and colors."