June 14. 2021


June 14, 2021, Week XXIV

A Client's View of Living Life Beautifully



It goes without saying that many of us feel strongly that it is our pets that make our houses into homes. We see them as important members of our families and they are often at the center of the beautiful memories we build in our homes. At K. Renee, we are unabashedly pet-obsessed and we love hearing about and seeing our clients spend time in their beautiful homes with their four-legged friends.  


Whether it’s a sassy cat who quickly claims the territory of soft throw draped across a chaise lounge or an eager pup who can’t help but be the first to test out the comfort of the swivel chair with the best view of the backyard, we love them all. 



Take Jenni Boyles, for example. By day, she helps people achieve beautiful smiles as a dentist at Altoona Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. At night, she returns home to her husband and their beloved doodle pups,  Billie and Rosie {insert collective “awwwwww” sound bite here}.


After getting married and buying their first home together in Ankeny, Jenni and Andrew knew they wanted to upgrade their outdoor space. To accommodate some of their favorite things (grilling and spending time outside with their dogs) they dreamt up and executed a beautiful and multi-functional deck and screened-in porch that perfectly utilizes their private backyard space. 



With plenty of room for the dogs to run and a vegetable garden too, it is no wonder the Boyles spend the majority of their time in this space.




When it came to selecting furniture for their space, Jenni knew there was no better choice than our amazing collection of outdoor furniture, proven to stand up, not just to the elements but to dirty paws as well! 



It was important this space be a place the ENTIRE family could enjoy and it is no secret Billie and Rosie have sure made themselves at home. 

We’ll add them to the list of our satisfied (four-legged) customers. 


Living Life Beautifully
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