June 13, 2022


Summer Art Series

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing a little behind the scenes of our team doing what they love...creating pieces they love!


We speak often about how our showroom is a source of light and how we promise to inspire you....and it actually has the same effect on us! 


Many times that inspiration comes directly from the beautiful pieces of artwork we have throughout our gallery.  We wanted to use simple lines + shapes in our latest creation to complement the larger prints. Staying within the same color palette gives this series a cohesive feel.  


The best reason to have art we genuinely enjoy in our homes is that it's scientifically proven to make us feel good. Looking at inspiring art can bring a rush of pleasure to the brain by increasing dopamine levels. Who doesn't need a bit more of that these days? 



We invite you to come to see what pieces may inspire you and give your home a fresh new feel.