July 5, 2021



Just Like That...


Just like that, the 4th of July holiday is behind us and we find ourselves in the depths of Summer. We’re talking backyard barbecues, outdoor concerts, farmers markets and weekends spent lounging by the pool…just a few quintessential activities of the season. 



All fun and games, right? That is until you factor in the heat. While it is the highlight of the Summer, and what we look forward to most when we are snowed in mid-January, it is about this time of year when temps begin to skyrocket, sending us running back into the comfort of our air-conditioned homes.  

But have no fear, K. Renee is here with just the sartorial solutions you need to beat the heat this Summer.



First things first, stick to lightweight fabrics. Think crisp cotton tanks, silky trousers, and breathable knits. 

Next, keep it simple… skip the layers, and add personality to your ensemble through seasonal accessories. For instance, take our beautiful collection of straw hats that serve a dual purpose in looking chic AND providing sun protection! (Did we mention we have coordinating handbags too?)



Lastly, embrace the relaxed fit of the season with must-have pieces like a flowing linen shirt dress or a breezy pair of wide-leg pants. Versatile staples that you can dress up or down, depending on the occasion, and can always count on to keep you cool and looking chic, even as the temperatures climb.





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