July 26, 2021



Monday, July 26, 2021

Stimulate Your Senses


As you have probably picked up, "TEXTURE" is a buzzword that we use quite often at K. Renee.

Why?   Because texture is ultimately what will add life to your home!




What do we mean by "TEXTURE?"  Texture is an objects' physical feeling or its visual appearance.   It should stimulate your senses by both touch and by sight.  Everything from a nubby boucle throw to a natural woven accent chair.  



There is something special about natural, raw materials that instantly add interest to any space. 

Choose linen, stone, hides, and leather over synthetic or processed materials. These kinds of natural finishes feel good and add a subtle richness to a room.     



Layering your home with pattern and texture is the key to producing a scheme that’s rich and full of depth.

Pillows as always are a great source to add interest and a fresh look.   A simple but effective way to add new life to a tired sofa or sectional in your home!



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