July 18, 2022



A Quick Tune-Up


Just like our vehicles, sometimes spaces within our homes need a bit of a tune-up.

As the experts in all things Living Life Beautifully, when a client comes to us with a problem, we do just as a mechanic would in the shop. We give the space an inspection from top to bottom. We ask ourselves, what isn’t working and why?


In the case of this quaint outdoor space, our client wasn’t feeling like it was being utilized to its full potential. Plus, the existing outdoor sofa needed to go due to an unfortunate accident.


With the goal of using the area as a relaxing lounge space for friends and loved ones after enjoying a good meal, we brought in an oversized chaise, and an additional set of swivel chairs to comfortably accommodate a crowd.


A few potted trees for a bit of privacy (and a new pillow or two, for good measure) had this outdoor oasis feeling as good as new again… in fact, better!



Luckily, we just received new outdoor furnishing, ready and waiting for a tune-up on your deck, patio, or three-season space!  The weather has been lovely this summer, and nothing is more inspiring than enjoying all the time we can outside, soaking in the fresh air and all the Vitamin D the sun provides.