July 11, 2022



Small Moments of Summer


All year long we romanticize Summer. Time spent by the water, the warmth of the sun on our skin. These are the moments we daydream of during the never-ending cold months.


But while we can always count on Midwest Winters to drag on for what seems like ages, Summer seems to come and go quicker than we remember to re-apply our sunscreen.



For many of us, The warm Summer months are so filled with happenings, gatherings and celebrations that we often forget to relish in the small moments we so fondly associate with the season.


A page turning beach-read.
The calming click of the cicadas as the sun sets.
The sweet scent of your favorite sunscreen. 
The refreshing taste of your go-to Summer cocktail.
The feeling of ease you find slipping on your best sundress.



We hope you will share with us the small moments making your Summer ‘22 one for the memory books!