January 31, 2022


Small Details with a Big Impact

Just as small details have a big impact so do small gestures of kindness.  

With that being said, we wanted to let you know that we will be closing a little early tomorrow (Tuesday, February 1) so our entire team can participate in our 2021 Home Holiday Transformation.  


As most of you know, we select a nominated deserving person or organization each year and create/donate a room that signals a fresh start, hope and joy.  

(You can click here to see a few transformations from past years.) 

And now back to our weekly dose of inspiration...small details with a big impact. 



Style is in the details. The belt slung low on your waist. The scarf tied just so around your neck. It is these small yet intentional attributes that take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.


At K. Renee, we take these details very seriously. We know the most stylish ensembles go far beyond a beautiful blouse and well-tailored pants. 

From shoes to belts, scarves, hats and jewelry we always have you covered with a finely curated collection of items to complete your look and take your wardrobe up a notch.


And just like anything you find inside our doors, the accessory brands we carry are as beautifully-crafted as they are inspiring.



For example, your jaw will certainly be on the floor when you catch a glimpse of yourself in our selection of TOL eyewear sunglasses. Especially when paired with one of their unique chains. Each made from Freshwater pearls with obsessive care for detail and craftsmanship. Did we mention it also doubles as a necklace or bracelet?


And because true style not only pays close attention to detail but also taps into the senses, why not add a luxurious spritz of our newest obsession? Fragrances by Who is Elijah. Hand filled in Sydney, Australia, this collection of eau de parfums blurs the line between masculine and feminine. Sustainably made with ephemeral scents and a modern minimalist aesthetic, each spray will set the tone for your look and leave you wanting more.


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