January 25, 2021


Inspiration For Your Home

Add a Dose of Vibrancy



In the mood for a pop of color?   Yes, you might add a colorful pillow or some accessories, but how about a bolder accent?   Artwork.

Artwork can quickly add a dose of vibrancy to your space.




Soft jewel tones are back in 2021...not as your wall color but perhaps in your art. Think soothing shades of plum, purple, burnt orange, or blue/green tones featured in your art as a pop of color.    

Even just one colorful piece can introduce new hues, shapes, and life into a room that needs a refresh.



A lovely piece of artwork with a touch of color can inspire a few new accessories and pillows that blend beautifully with what you already might have in your home. 


Style Tip: One of the most common mistakes when hanging artwork is to hang them too high. Artwork should be hung at eye level. Hang most of your art pieces at eye level which is around 55-60 inches from the floor.







Style Tip: When you hang art above furniture, it should only be about two-thirds the width of the furniture and be 3-6 inches above the furniture.





Personal Style Notes

The Key to Versatility


The key to versatility is to able to wear an item more than one way.  While stand-alone items are wonderful additions to your closet, you have to look no further than this gorgeous and fun dress that can be worn multiple ways.






This floor-length shirt-dress is charming with its dot print, yet what we love most is that it can be worn closed as a dress or open as a duster!  Flexible and fabulous.  

Style Tip:  The classic polka-dot print never goes out of style. A timeless print that looks good on any woman.











Here, worn as a duster paired with straight-leg denim and a basic tee. An added benefit? Wearing a long outer layer has a slimming and lengthening effect especially when paired with skinny denim and heels.









Inspiration Quote of the Week