January 11, 2021



Inspiration For Your Home

Before & After - Reimagining The Possibilities

This past week, we had the privilege of helping clients reimagine the possibilities of their century farmhouse.  A new year called for a new inside view.


Our clients had thought that their master bedroom could only fit a queen size bed on their one windowless wall.    The wall that could accommodate a king-size bed and nightstands had a window and couldn't be used...or could it?  Given that the view was unimportant, our solution was to create a draped backdrop that would provide coziness, texture, and the opportunity to realize a vision of comfort, beauty, and a bigger bed!


Style Tip: Drapery can add pattern, color, and style as a backdrop to a beautifully decorated space. Hanging panels as high and long as possible gives your space the illusion of feeling taller.


Another room on our list to tackle was a long, narrow living room space.



Our goal for this space was to maximize its potential and create two cozy gathering spaces, watching TV and the other for conversation.   All while bringing the two zones together to flow seamlessly. 

As you can see, we also used drape panels hung ceiling to floor to create additional continuity between the two spaces. 


An amazing new view!

Style Tip: Create zones in a long and narrow space rather than trying to design one conversational area.



Personal Style Notes


Balancing Proportion


A chunky sweater may be the coziest and most chic item in your wardrobe — but, as the name implies, there’s extra material involved.  So how do you keep this fantastic look slim?

Style Tip: When it comes to wearing a chunky sweater, a good rule of thumb is to keep the bottom half of your look more tailored or slim-fitting, giving the look balance and an effortlessly chic look.






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