October 17, 2022



Bring a Little Global Style to Your Home 

There is something magical about bringing global-inspired touches into your home—a lovely way to satisfy your wanderlust.


'Joy' is the word I would use to describe these colorful Zebra pillows.   Perhaps they remind you of a safari adventure or a trip that you dream about in the future.   

Either way, they bring luxurious color and texture into your home.  



There are no rules to curating a worldly home because global style is not connected to a single architectural movement.   Their style will work in almost any space. 


The pillow's fabric has a whimsical look but definitely has a cultural feel—a natural fit for a contemporary home.  


Global style tends to borrow elements from traditional design motifs from around the world, creating a unique, eclectic look.   Combining them with luxurious materials and finishes conveys a striking look.   



Animal prints, pottery from around the world, and carved textures give your home a welcoming and well-traveled feel.  



The only rule for global-inspired decor is to love the items you curate to create your special world at home.