February 14, 2022



Happy Valentine's Day!

It is only fitting for us to talk about the K. Renee "Share the Love" project.   As many of you know, our business aspires (and achieves)  to be a 50/50 organization, which means that we donate 50% of our profitability back to the community in ways that inspire and bring light into the lives of others who need a little love. 



As part of our project, K. Renee annually asks for nominations of a deserving person to receive the gift of a home transformation in hopes of providing a space that shines the light of hope.   This past holiday season, we chose a nominee who recently lost her husband to Covid and her son shortly after. 

Below is a short excerpt from the nomination letter...


Sometimes our homes can be a constant reminder of the past.  A fresh start can often offer a new outlook on the future and bring an ounce of light into our lives.  

Our team visited our recipient's home, measured, and got to work planning for our gift. 





Because it was important for as many of our team members to be involved in our Sharing the Love project, we closed the shop at 3 pm on a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago and got to work!



Drapes, rugs, artwork, pillows, accessories, some beautiful furnishings, and a sprinkle of love from the K. Renee team created a space that we are hopeful will be part of creating new memories and a little joy.







The love and support of you...our amazing customers, and friends is what allows us to give back to others.   For that, we are eternally grateful!

Happy Valentines Day, 

K. Renee