December 12, 2022



Viva Magenta!

Pantone Color Institute has chosen an unconventional shade for an unconventional time. 



A color that is rooted in nature and expressive of a signal of strength and confidence.      It is a fearless color but also has a sense of joy and optimism.   Who doesn't need more of that? 




There is an emotional component to this color which is said to balance boldness and fun with confidence and humanity.    How do you wear this universally flattering shade?  




Feeling confident?  Need to wake up a quieter outfit? How fun are these pants paired with simple white shirting and a leather jacket?   Yes!




We've layered a beautiful Magenta dress with the softness of cream.   This is a great example of creating more versatility in your closet. 




Shades of Magenta strike a nice balance between warm and cool giving it a fun and celebratory feel.   Emily pairs it back with shades of nutmeg for a festive and fun look.  

What about Magenta in homes and interiors?  You don't need to go wild with this color, but it is an elegant pop of joyous color.  



It packs a lot of drama, even in a small dose.   We love this dramatic black and white on canvas with its lovely pop of our 2023 color of the year.