August 9, 2021



Cusp of Autumn


We are on the cusp of Autumn.    The time when crops and fruits are gathered and the leaves prepare to fall.  It is a time of transition that also includes this lovely explosion of color.  From buttery yellow to amber orange and burgundy red.    It is always extraordinary.    




As you would expect, we begin to transition our homes and our wardrobe to reflect the changing season and its needs.   Rich fall colors and texture bring a lovely layer of warmth to our homes that will be needed as the evening and morning hours begins to cool.  



An Autumn color palette begins to appear in our new Fall wardrobe arrivals.     We love this season crossing cotton poplin dress from Rebecca Taylor in butterscotch. Worn as either a tunic or dress, it has a romantic charm that is flattering.   Pair it with sandals now and your boots later next month.   



How lovely is this Autumn-inspired duster cardigan in a neutral dark camel complemented by painterly stripes in a deep brown?   It's a beautiful layering piece over dresses, jeans, or leggings.  Effortless and understated!



On the cusp of Autumn, it is also the time to begin transitioning your home into a cozy retreat.   Easily done with gorgeous throws, pillows, accessories, and a warm rug beneath your feet.   


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