April 26, 2021


 Week XVII


The Art of Dressing in a New Era: 
Investing in Multi-functional Pieces

The past year of canceled gatherings, special events, and closed restaurants has given new meaning to the saying “all dressed up with nowhere to go.”


But with the world slowly opening back up, we are finding more reasons to get up, get dressed and head back out.  If you ask us, that is something to celebrate ... in style, of course.


Whether you are running some quick errands or making a long-overdue reservation at one of your favorite local restaurants, why not wear that fabulous dress you bought for an event that never happened?

Blow the dust off the cool leather pants you couldn’t live without. Is the produce aisle the place you pictured yourself debuting these show-stopping pieces? Maybe not, but given the circumstances, why not allow them to shine now?


 Investing in items that can be styled to suit different occasions is key.


Think, a dress that pairs as easily with a pair of white tennis shoes as it does with a sparkly heel and your favorite clutch Wear it to brunch one way and to the postponed celebration you will finally attend later this summer.



Or the hip trouser shorts that are just as fun to wear with a structured blazer to work as they are styled with a lace top for cocktail hour with the girls. 

There is no better time than now to break out these multi-functional pieces. Rather than wait for the perfect occasion, make your day-to-day outings special by rediscovering the excitement in getting dressed! 


Home Inspiration

Multi-Functional In Your Home


With a major upswing in home renovation and re-imagination, the concept of multifunctional spaces has become more desirable.We have always loved items for both your closet and home that can be used in more than one way!


An ottoman used as a cocktail table is a fabulous way to have your cake and eat it too!     This lovely ottoman provides a great print to create interest as well as and a place to rest your feet at the end of the day.    Simply add a gorgeous tray to the top of it to turn it into a hard surface for accessories or your favorite cocktail. 



Is this a small dining table or a lovely home office desk?    This can easily be one, the other, or both!  This essential parsons table features a white quartz top and brushed brass legs.   Decidedly lovely and practical.

Storage is also key!  At the end of the day, it is nice to be able to put things behind closed doors and not be distracted by all the other ways a room serves you.


This gorgeous cabinet can be used in a dining room as a buffet or underneath an oversized flat screen in a living room or bedroom.   



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