September 12, 2022





It is hard to believe, but the home division of K. Renee is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month!    Where does the time go?  

Last week we talked about turning a vision into reality.   That was certainly the case for us!  From transforming an empty space into a beautiful showroom with inspiring home goods to logistics, signage, and everything in between! 



Our vision for K. Renee Home was to create a place filled with light and inspiration and to help our clients find beauty, inspiration, and comfort within their homes.  


We opened our doors on September 4, 2012, and our journey to create beautiful homes began.




Over the last 10 years, we have been honored to have assisted thousands of clients with their homes transforming, and styling spaces not only in the metro area but all over the state and country! 



In addition to all the homes we have touched, we've hosted many inspiring-style events, participated in community events, and donated home furnishings to deserving families through our annual home holiday transformation.   


K. Renee Home was brought to life 10 years ago for it to be a place of light.  We will always have an uncompromising dedication to simple, elegant style and helping our clients design their dreams for many years to come.

If you have had an inspiring experience with us over the years,  we would be so very appreciative if you could leave us a little review by following the link below.