We Dream For You...

October 16, 2017

Kelli, Stacie and I are out on a buying trip for the home store and we have completed two days of inspiring shopping at the largest home furnishings market and have two more days to go.   

It has been a great trip so far, BUT it started for me on a little bit of a shaky ground.   One of my greatest fears was realized at 4:30 am this past Saturday morning…



Yup, I slept through my alarm (although I swear the two that I had diligently set for 3:30 am did not go off.)   I did however wake up to the delicate ring from a text message from Jeff (who was picking me up at my home and taking Kelli and I to the airport for our 6:00 am flight) saying... 

Wait!   What?  I had been struggling with a cold all last week and was not feeling the best.  On Friday, I had made a comment to Jeff that he might need to call me when they got up Saturday morning because I was afraid I would be groggy and not wake up.    Be careful what you imagine, right?

In my 56, almost 57 years, I have never missed a flight due to not getting up!   So you can imagine my utter horror when I read the text saying they were waiting for me in my driveway!!!  Yikes, no, double yikes.   

I told Kelli and Jeff to leave me behind and I would rally as fast as I could and get myself to the airport.   Luckily, I had packed, laid out my clothes and was generally ready.   I threw on clothes, put my hair in a ponytail, threw clothes into my luggage and tore out the door.    

 I arrived at the airport at 5:15 am.     To my utter amazement, the flight was slightly delayed, I was TSA pre-checked and quickly moved through security and made the plane.

And my luck got even better during our layover in Atlanta.   There was a MAC store right by our gate and I was able to have them apply a little makeup and buy a few things that I clearly had left behind.   

Whew, crisis averted.

We arrived in High Point, North Carolina about noon and immediately hit the market and began looking for furnishings, accessories, art and pillows that fulfill the K. Renee vision of a casually elegant home.   I was grateful to actually be on this trip with Kelli and Stacie.    It is one of our favorite things to do...    

On these market trips, we get to dream for you.  

What would look great in your homes?  Is the furniture comfortable, usable, unique and inspiring?   If these things aren't true for us, they certainly won't be for you.

So today, I want to show you some of the dreamy things that have caught our eye so far on this trip.   One of the first things we stopped to admire was this swinging daybed.     

How fun would it be on an enclosed porch?   Or the perfect retreat for grandchildren at a summer lake house?   While we didn't actually purchase this piece for the store, we have a few clients that may just love having this in one of their homes.    Knowing where to source this amazing find may just come in handy for a lucky someone some day!

Kelli shared with me that after two days, her most inspiring find was a beautifully constructed table and chairs with a unique Spanish inspired design.


The hand-painted rustic wood, has a rich and updated look and feel. The geometric design is done in ecru, oyster grey, and onyx black wood finish.  Both the table and chairs were finished with a glass coating making them durable, usable and absolutely beautiful. 

 Stacie found her inspiration in the introduction of all sorts of new fabrics and prints that will be perfect for our store.    Along with some great new sofa and chair profiles that we look forward to receiving over the next couple of months.


Stacie was also drawn to a wonderfully masculine desk.    And I dare say its designers, The Keno Brothers, were drawn to Stacie.    While she was admiring this stunning desk, she found herself right in the middle of a video shoot that ended up including our own rising design star!


You might know the Keno brothers as appraisers and the stars of the popular Antique Roadshow.    And this grey lacquered wood desk is just one piece from their new line of luxury furniture.   

Me, I was totally drawn to this white sectional adorned with all sorts of color, pattern and prints.     This white sectional is not one to be feared as its fabric is similar to a stain resistant Sunbrella which makes it as practical as it is dramatic.


Like many of you, I am a lover of bright colors.   And I think this is a great illustration of how effective it is to pick neutral upholstery for your core pieces and then dress them up however you like.     Change the pillows and accessories and you can easily change this look from an explosion of color to a dramatically different color story.   Our kind of versatility!

Well, we are off for two more days of treasure hunting and dreaming for you!     

And when we get back in town, we will be in full gear getting ready for a special event in our clothing store this Saturday.       


We hope you have time to stop by and meet our secret celebrity guest between 10 am and 4 pm  on Saturday, October 21st!  I promise, you'll be inspired.

Have a wonderful week!