Twice as Nice

January 22, 2018

On Saturday I was driving home from work at around 5:20 pm and it was still light outside. This feeling of hope gushed through me as I realized the days were truly getting long again. Yah!   

But despite the almost 50-degree weather outside,  I had to remind myself it was still January and we had a few more long and cold months ahead.  When we move into the winter months, I do love cozy, relaxing nights at home.   And during this time there is nothing better than kicking our feet up at the end of the day and curling up with a good book, magazine or binge-worthy show.  

Ottomans are twice as nice

When I want to get cozy at home, I pull up my cocktail table (which is an upholstered ottoman) and effectively turn my sofa (or favorite chair) into a lounge.   Ottomans are twice as nice because they can serve dual purposes in your home and are often underappreciated as a living room staple.    

Ottomans are twice as nice 

It is a multipurpose gem that can be used as a cocktail table, footstool, extra seating and can easily find another place in a home when you are ready for a change.

Many times our clients have young children or grandchildren and are concerned about sharp corners or fragile surfaces.    And if that is the case for you, you might just want to investigate an oversized ottoman (like the one below) that can double as a cocktail table.   

Oversized Ottoman 

 I also love how this oversized ottoman can turn into a casual daybed for another day and time!

Ottoman as a daybed

An ottoman like the one below gives you all perks of having a table. Simply add a tray in the center as a solid surface instead of setting your things directly on the cushion.   

 Cowhide ottoman

You can still decorate the tray with your favorite accessories and have a place to set your drinks.Trays are great for your favorite books, remotes, coasters...whatever you need for a comfortable night at home.

Round ottoman

Some things to think about when picking out your ottoman...The material should be durable and generally a different texture than that of your other upholstered furniture.   

 Vintage Ottoman

A cowhide ottoman is a lovely option as well as one with a durable weave and an interesting pattern.

Vintage Ottoman 

And the cool thing about the ottoman is that they are twice as nice because they can be easily moved around your home.   This ottoman below looks great as an entryway bench but just as sharp as a cocktail table for an inspired living room.

 Ottoman as bench

As you can see, we always have tons of great options for your home in our showroom that just might be the SPARK that your living room needs to give you an easy update. 

Another SPARK for updating your home might be the various shelves throughout your home.    Many times, we find that five or ten years later, our shelves seem to either have the same old things on them (collecting lots of dust) or we just keep adding things to them ending up with a cluttered mess.    Instead, take them all down and start again.  

I know, easier than it sounds.   One of the number one things we get asked is how to arrange shelves which is why our School of Styling event on Thursday, February 15th ( 5 to 8 in the evening) is going to focus on the ‘Shelfie.”


Just what is a shelfie?   Shelfie is the art of creating great arrangements with the perfect decor for all those bookcases and shelves that adorn your space.   

 Shelve Styling

We will have an entire evening devoted to having our style team show how to create show-stopping arrangements as well as share all of our styling secrets.  Just click on the image below and get registered for a fun and styling evening.  


School of Styling

We had a fun evening at our first workshop 'One Room, Three Ways' back in December!

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If you didn't have a chance to attend (or if you did and didn't get a copy) and would like the notes from our first evening session, click here to download.

We hope to see you soon and in a couple of weeks at our second School of Style workshop. Have a wonderful week.